2Grips helps its customers to align their service delivery with their business strategy and to improve it continuously and proactively. We give advice, we coach and we execute. In short, we help you grow as a service-oriented organisation focused on making and keeping your customers and end users satisfied.

2Grips Services
  • Where are we now?

With our Health Check services we identify gaps and areas for improvement within your current IT- , Enterprise Service Management, tooling operations and asset management. Our recommendations for improvement are based on industry best practices combined with our practical experience. These Health Check services also include the SIAM readiness and Customer Experience Readiness assessment, in which we evaluate whether the requirements for starting initiatives like this are fulfilled.

  • Where do we want or need to be?

Our Service Strategy services focus on the four dimensions of service management: your organisation and people, your partners and suppliers, your value streams and processes, and your technology. We help you define your strategy and your objectives for improving your operational efficiency. Together with you, we explore the journey to a higher level of performance.

  • How do we get there?

With our Service Improvement services, we help you to realise the desired value stream by ensuring that the work can be done efficiently and effectively. We guide you in your efforts to optimise your processes and tools supported by the optimal allocation of your co-workers.

2Grips Service Management Trainings and Events
Events, workshops and trainings by 2Grips

2Grips likes to share knowledge and experiences via networking events, interactive workshops and a wide range of classroom trainings and e-learnings. Don’t miss these opportunities to gain knowledge and to connect with peers. We’re looking forward to welcoming you.

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