ISM and 4me

2Grips and Servitect team up to integrate ISM methodology into 4me

Servitect, like 2Grips, specialises in Service Management and service optimisation. They mainly do this by developing and managing the ISM method, a standardised approach for organisational improvement processes in information services.

Together with Servitect, 2Grips ensures the integration of the ISM method in the Service Management platform 4me. This adds 4me to the list of certified tools designed to fully support the ISM method. The combination of ISM and 4me promotes cooperation and communication between employees and teams. This ensures that bottlenecks and inefficiencies are identified and addressed faster. Moreover, Servitect’s standard ITSM dashboards and compliance solutions can be seamlessly integrated, facilitating the identification of improvement opportunities and supporting the driving of continuous improvement.

What's ISM?

ISM stands for Integrated Services Management and is a standardised solution for IT services with a hands-on vision. It integrates ideas and solutions from ITIL and DevOps into one compact and integrated solution that is quickly operational and has a strong focus on the human component. ISM unburdens professionals and management, provides control over services and allows organisations to grow at their own pace. The high applicability of the method makes creating customer value and flow simple and demonstrable.

How can 2Grips help you?

Are you looking for ways to improve collaboration and communication between your employees and teams, identify and address bottlenecks and inefficiencies faster, and optimise and improve your services? Don’t hesitate to contact us and find out how we can support your organisation. We are here for you!

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