About 2Grips

2Grips is focused on optimizing your services in terms of quality, costs, manageability and transparency. We focus on your organization, your processes, your tooling and your people, offering a global approach that is unique. Our approach is always pragmatic and adapted to your specific situation.

Our company name is based upon the phrase, ‘getting to, or coming to, grips’; in other words, facing and solving challenging problems. This is what 2Grips will signify to you: a means of reaching solutions for all challenges that are faced at in the field of (IT) Service Management (ITSM & ESM).

Our Mission

Our mission is to make ‘Customer Excellence’ achievable for every organisation.

*Customer Excellence is the highest level of perception the customer can have of all interactions with the service provider throughout the customer journey and across all channels.

Our Vision

Every organisation is providing services and should strive to best serve its customers by balancing people, processes, technology and partners.

Our Core Values

Our core values create the frameworks within which we carry out our work. These values help us to make the right call in everything we do, and everything which concerns our clients, partners and colleagues. They indicate what type of company we are.

Therefor our key values are:


We work together with our customers and our partners to achieve the best end result. Knowledge is shared and synergies between all parties involved are exploited. 2Grips is committed to its clients and takes responsibility for achieving set goals. The focus is always on people.


We use our specialist knowledge, skills and experience to remove complexity from our clients’ issues. In this way, we get to the heart of the matter and make the situation clear and understandable. This brings a pragmatic solution within reach.


We strive for sustainable solutions to the issues facing our customers, entering into a long-term partnership. Finally, in all our pursuits, we also strive to minimise our ecological footprint.


We are forward-thinking and constantly looking for ways to innovate and improve. We embrace change and see it as an opportunity to learn and grow. We are dedicated to progress and making a difference.

The managing partners of 2Grips

Danny Van Vosselen

Danny Van Vosselen

After a 15-year career at the service provider Telindus, employed in various roles from engineer, project manager, team manager, sales to the person responsible for the entire service department, entrepreneurship started to tickle me.

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In 2006 I started as a freelancer in my specialization of IT service management. I discovered soon that there was still a great need for a solid structure for the IT services in the various sectors. So my sole proprietorship was soon expanded. And when I met Joost in 2010 during an assignment at a joint customer, the plans started to mature even further.

2Grips was born in 2015. With our range of services we help our customers to get a grip on their own services, whether they are in IT, HR, Facilities or in other domains. The principles of an optimally organized service supported by an appropriate tool remain the same. And we do all this with a transparent, focused and positive attitude in cooperation with our internal and external colleagues and of course with our customers.

Joost van Iersel

Joost van Iersel

After my studies in Business Economics at the University of Tilburg, I went to a company specialising in IT Service Management tooling. Within a wide range of roles within this company, ranging from junior consultant to trusted advisor,

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I have gained a lot of experience with all possible ways in which service management can be applied. Both within small organisations as well as very large ones; and ranging from a technical focus to especially a  human focus.
After about twelve years, I thought it was time to focus less on the tools within the field of service management and as an independent person, I started to focus more on the organizational side of things. This again brought many new insights and introduced me to my current ‘partner in crime’ Danny Van Vosselen. After a few years of working together with great pleasure, we founded our company Wanto34 in 2015, which was later renamed 2Grips.
It remains fascinating to see how service providers are committed to delivering the highest possible quality of service to their customers. And it is fantastic for me to be able to contribute to the success of our customers  through the right tools, training and advice.  

Our fields of expertise

Our day to day work requires extensive knowledge of a wide range of best practices and standards which in turn guide us towards appropriate solutions for specific problems. However, they are merely a means to an end. We are also experts in the realms of ITIL, USM, ISM, VeriSM, SIAM, Prince2, BiSL, ASL, Cobit, ISO20000, Lean IT, BPM, SFIA and Scrum.