Workshop: Experience Level Agreements

Experience Level Agreements

Growing numbers of companies are coming to recognize the benefits of managing customer experience: higher revenues, lower costs, and stronger employee and customer loyalty. Also within the field of Service Management the focus is shifting from SLA’s towards more end-user satisfaction oriented objectives. Our IT organisations are confronted with the question of how relevant their current SLA metrics are in driving improved customer satisfaction and service experience. Key to this topic are XLA’s, standing for Experience Level Agreements. Although the word may sound familiar to you, the concept of XLA also raises a lot of questions.

What’s an XLA? What is the difference with an SLA? How do you build an XLA and how do you measure them?

In this practice-oriented workshop we share our knowledge and experience with you. After a clear definition of the XLA concept, we take a deep dive into a possible step-by-step plan for building XLA’s. By using practical examples we will guide you on your way to working with XLA’s.
We share our experiences and give you tips, but because we love interaction, we also like to discuss your challenges and solutions.

Here you can download the slide deck of the Experience Level Agreements workshop.


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