Choosing and implementing service management software isn’t an everyday business. With our knowledge of the market and our many years of experience in implementing various ITSM tools, we will work together with you to find the most suitable service management solution for your organization and guide you and your staff in its implementation. An incorrect choice or poor implementation can have far-reaching consequences!

Service Management Tooling Selection

As an independent consultant, we will jointly search for the most suitable Service Management solution for your organization. After all, there are dozens of service management software providers. The market is much larger than just the well-known providers in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. Choosing the right solution is therefore a huge challenge. Especially because the marketing machines of the software suppliers are running at full speed to convince customers of their products. An incorrect choice in the tooling selection phase however, can have far-reaching consequences! Not only financially (the implementation costs of some tools can easily reach 250K euro) but also for the employees and processes of your IT organization and, more importantly, for the business.

ITSM Tooling Selection

During the tooling selection, we take into account the current situation and the desired situation, after a possible maturity assessment. Because the most suitable application for an organization depends on a large number of things. Only one of these are the functionalities and features that an application can offer. It is much more important to look at the maturity of your own (IT) organization and the objectives that exist for the coming years. Together with you, our consultant records the way of working, the processes and the procedures. Based on these processes we determine the required functionalities and with our knowledge of the market we can then immediately compile a shortlist of interesting solutions. These can then be viewed in more detail and a Proof of Concept can be done to test whether there is indeed a good ‘fit’. The final result is a well-founded choice for a specific service management application with which an IT organization is guaranteed to achieve its objectives.

After the tooling selection we support you in guiding the implementation where we also manage the selected supplier and ensure the control of the good quality of the service management tool.

Service Management Tooling implementation

2Grips has extensive experience with the implementation of a large number of service management solutions. Besides the solutions we deliver ourselves (4me , Remedyforce, Freshsevice and Ivanti) we are also familiar with Servicenow, Topdesk, Jira, Sysaid, BMC, Samanage and Landesk.
Our approach is distinguished by the fact that during an implementation we not only focus on the tool itself, but also give the necessary attention to the processes that need to be supported and the employees that have to execute these processes. This makes a tooling implementation all-encompassing, which makes a huge contribution to its success. During all our implementations, the organisation and process remain leading! With this in mind, we also continue to strive to minimize adjustments outside the standard facilities.

Pitfalls to avoid when implementing a service management tool

The implementation of a service management application is full of pitfalls. When an organization has little experience with such an implementation, a mistake is easily made. Especially because software suppliers or their implementation partners are normally completely focused on the technical implementation of the software.
A few examples:

  • Over-customization which increases costs and complicates application administration.
  • Setting up individual processes where the mutual coherence is lost sight of.
  • A focus on functionalities instead of on the process so that the objectives of the implementation are not achieved.

Possible consequences of similar mistakes during the implementation phase are that the project is delayed and budgets are exceeded. Or (even worse) that the application turns out to be insufficiently capable of helping the organization to achieve its service management objectives.

ITSM implementation
Service Management Implementation stages

An implementation of a traditional service management solution goes roughly through the stages shown in the picture on the right. Before starting the project, however, all necessary decisions need to be made, such as the scope of the project. 2Grips guides organizations in making the right choices prior to an implementation process. In addition, we offer guidance during all phases of the project itself to ensure the quality of the implementation and to monitor the planning and budget. This is achieved by paying close attention to the tooling requirements and by continuing to weigh the added value of these against their costs. This keeps both the client and the implementer on the cutting edge and an optimal end result is achieved.

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