SIAM Training in Belgium and The Netherlands.

Are you looking for SIAM training and certification? With 2Grips you have found the right partner. Our training services were originated at the request of our customers and our consultants who want to share their knowledge and experience. In addition to their accreditation as a trainer, our coaches apply service management methodologies on a daily basis. This is why we’re unique in the training scene in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Siam Training
SIAM Open classroom training, in-company and e-learning

All our SIAM training courses are open to both customers and non-customers. You can join one of the open classroom sessions or we can organise an in-company training tailored to your organisation. Do you prefer to study where and when you want at your own pace? Then the SIAM training through e-learning is the ideal way for you to obtain the SIAM Foundation certificate.

SIAM Foundation

SIAM Foundation Training is recommended when:
  • you want to understand the main concepts and processes of SIAM
  • you want to implement SIAM methodology in your organization
  • you are already working with IT Service Management processes in order to improve them in a multi-provider environment
  • you are a service provider that wants to implement and manage Service Integration and Management models
The SIAM Ecosystem
Siam Ecosystem
SIAM Foundation Topics
  • Introduction to Service Integration and Management
  • Service Integration and Management Implementation Roadmap
  • Service Integration and Management roles and responsibilities
  • Service Integration and Management practices
  • Processes to support Service Integration and Management
  • Service Integration and Management challenges and risks
  • Service Integration and Management and other practices
Recommended reading

The fundamental literature for this course is the Service Integration and Management Foundation Body of Knowledge (SIAM™ Foundation BoK). The second revised edition (April 2020) is available free of charge at the Scopism website.

SIAM Professional

Who is SIAM™ Professional training suitable for?

SIAM™ Professional is ideal for professionals who want to improve and extend their Service Integration and Management knowledge. This makes this course particularly interesting for Service Managers and Practitioners, Service Provider Portfolio Managers, Process Managers, Project Managers and many others.

Recommended reading

The fundamental literature for this course is the Service Integration and Management Prfessional Body of Knowledge (SIAM™ Professional BoK). The second revised edition (April 2020) is available free of charge at the Scopism website.

After the SIAM Professional Training you’ll be able to:
  • Establish a governance framework based on SIAM practices;
  • Perform an organization assessment to better determine and establish a plan and promote improvements;
  • Determine the key elements to perform a SIAM implementation;
  • Design and build up a SIAM model for different environments and organizations;
  • Lead a SIAM implementation;
  • Select different approaches to implement SIAM;
  • Use organizational change management in order to boost the SIAM implementation;
  • Improve the organization’s SIAM ecosystem at every stage;
  • Manage and continuously improve multiple processes based on SIAM.

SIAM Awareness

Why have a SIAM™ Professional Awareness session?

Complex multi-supplier environments are here to stay. To maintain control over the organisation and the services delivered, you will need effective governance and operational control over the service delivery.

This SIAM awareness training offers insight into the complex outsourcing issues and indicates how the SIAM methodology offers a solution. In organisations where a SAIM roadmap has already been started, this training provides a common language and increased involvement for all stakeholders.

For whom is this SIAM Awareness session relevant?

SIAM™ awareness is ideal for anyone involved in a SIAM project or facing a SIAM implementation. Especially for C-level management, this training offers a deeper understanding of how the SIAM methodology addresses oursourcing issues and thus supports the strategic business objectives.

This SIAM Awareness session is usually organised as an in-company training. This way, the necessary focus can be put on the specific situation and the content can be adapted to the needs of the participants. Ideally, these sessions take place before the start or at the beginning of a SIAM project.

We’ve selected a number of interesting sources to quickly understand the basic concepts of SIAM and to keep abreast of this rapidly evolving methodology: whitepapers, webinars, blogs, conferences, Linkedin groups and free downloads. You can find these in our “What’s SIAM“-blog

kmo portefeuille

2Grips is a registered service provider for the “KMO-portefeuille”, a financial support by the Flemish government. As a result, you may save 30 to 40% on your purchases of consultancy services and training (except e-learning).

SIAM accredation

2Grips is an Accredited Training Organisation for SIAM (Foundation, Professional and Service Integration Manager) by Exin, a leading independent exam- and certification institute.

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