Discover the added value of SIAM in outsourcing services

Today, companies and IT departments have become increasingly dependent on IT service providers for many of their services. This is driven by several reasons and global trends: a focus on core processes, cost reduction, taking advantage of working with external service providers. Outsourcing was introduced as early as the 1970s and 1980s; it was formally recognized as a business strategy in ’98 and has grown rapidly ever since.

However, without effective orchestration and management of the various service providers, many of the hoped-for benefits will not be realised for the client organization. Gartner even states “Governance is key to successful multi-sourcing”.

SIAM (Service Integration and Management) is a methodology for companies that purchase services from different suppliers, and want to get maximum added value from them without having the disadvantages of have to deal with different parties, with different ways of working, different people, different contracts, different tools.

This training about SIAM and Outsourcing is intended for

These sessions are intended for anyone involved in an outsourcing project or confronted with a SIAM implementation. Especially for C-level management, this session provides more insight into how the SIAM methodology addresses outsourcing issues and supports strategic business objectives.

This SIAM Awareness session is fully customised and organised as an in-company programme. This way, the necessary attention can be focused on the own situation and the content can be adapted to the specific needs of the participants. Ideally, these sessions take place before the start or at the beginning of a SIAM project.

  • Business Directors and Managers
  • Procurement Specialisten

  • IT Directors and Managers

  • Everyone involved in providing services via external providers

Possible topics covered in a SIAM Awareness session are:
  • The challenges of outsourcing
  • Understanding the SIAM methodology
  • How this methodology addresses/prevents outsourcing issues
  • How SIAM supports the strategic business objectives (cost reduction, quality increase, flexibility of provider services)
  • The impact of integrated end-to-end services on customer experience

This Awareness Training focuses on people with result/strategy responsibility within companies. People who want to apply SIAM in organisations, can gain more details and experience in the full SIAM Foundation training.

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