Our services are based on the 3 main questions within Service Management: Where are we now?, Where do we want or need to be?, How do we get there? Depending on your needs, we provide our services separately or combined. And this with one aim: to get your Service Management challenges under control in the most effective and efficient way taking into account your organisation, your internal processes, your co-workers and your tools.

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Service Improvement
Our IT Service Management Health Check gives you a clear view on the status of your IT processes and practices, your service oriented organisation, your partners and your co-workers in the ITSM domain. The final report of this health check provides you with the necessary guidelines to start a continuous improvement plan.
Our Enterprise Service Management Health Check gives you a clear view on the status of your Service Management concepts in other areas of your organisation (HR, Facilities, etc.). The final report of this health check provides you with the necessary guidelines to start a continuous improvement plan.
Our ITAM Healtch Check gives you a clear picture of how your valuable assets are used and maintained in line with your business needs. The final report gives you insight in which assets are relevant to support your processes and how to maintain them successfully.
Our Service Management Tooling Health Check gives you an clear overview on how your service management tooling is fitting your needs. Our report will show the gaps between the (future) needs and possibilities of your current toolset.
Our Customer Experience Readiness Health Check assesses how the needs and expectations of end users are aligned with your services. The final report provides insight into the customer centricity of your organisation and helps you to focus on what really matters.
Our SIAM Readiness assessment will identify your strengths and weaknesses regarding your multi-provider eco-system. The final report provides insight into your level of readiness to start your SIAM journey.
Our IT Governance service provides organisations with a structure that will ensure that IT investments support business objectives guided by formal frameworks.
2Grips helps you with defining your SIAM strategy (e.g. business case, service model, service provider selection). We assist you with choosing the service integration model and coaching all involved parties.
2Grips guides you step by step through the onboarding and offboarding of a service provider. We provide an in-depth assessment (due diligence) and a handover roadmap (transition) to make sure that your organization will benefit from the services delivered by your service providers.
Our Information Security service assists your company in its information security program that reduces customer security and privacy risks and preventing disruption of services. All guided by the fundamental principles of information security (confidentiality, integrity, and availability).
Our Business Continuity service assists your company in its business continuity program that improves resilience of its IT services. We can help you with analysing, designing, implementing, testing and maintaining your Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP).
We help you to design and to implement a service portfolio and catalogue because it’s crucial that all parts of your business have a consistent and accurate picture of the services you provide. A high quality catalogue, tailored to your business needs, is indispensable for any service delivery.
We help you to make your services comprehensible to your customers, to define the necessary components and to determine the desired service levels. This will ensure clear expectations for all stakeholders.
Do you have an idea of all interaction a customer has with your organisation? Are those interactions properly documented? By documenting your customer journey, you are able to determine gaps or inefficiency in your company processes which can degrade service delivery and impact customer experience.
We help you to create a corporate culture with a focus on the end user. We concentrate on measuring and managing end-user expectations, perceptions and experiences in order to continuously optimise services and adapt them to the ever-changing needs and wishes of the user.

Together with you, we select the most suitable Service Management tooling for your organisation. This way, you can make a well-founded choice for a specific Service Management solution that allows your organisation to achieve its objectives, now and in the future.

We help you to design and implement operational procedures and make them more manageable by automating repetitive and time-consuming work.

We help you to translate your strategy into operational processes and procedures making them more manageable, lean and agile based on industry best practices.

We help you govern your eco-system and execute your service management layer. By orchestrating daily integration operations and managing continual integration improvements, we assure that your service providers perform against agreed service levels.
Our Service Improvement Journey service guides you towards a continual system of improvement (CSI) regarding your people, your processes, your tools and your partners. Together with you we draft a roadmap (Service Improvement Plan) for the future. We help you achieve these goals in a lean and agile way.

2Grips has extensive experience with the implementation of a large number of service management solutions. Besides the solutions we deliver ourselves (4meBMC Helix RemedyforceFreshsevice and Ivanti Service Manager) we are also familiar with other tools. We not only focus on the tool itself, but we also give the necessary attention to your processes, people, your environment and your providers.

2Grips offers you a wide range of classroom-based training and e-learning courses. We also like to share knowledge and experience via interactive workshops.

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2Grips can fulfill your staffing need within the Service Management discipline.

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