2Grips offers you a wide range of Service Management services, as well as the opportunity to take advantage of ‘one-stop shopping’ for all your Service Management requirements. Below you will find a short description of our range of services. Would you like to know more? Please contact us!

Service Management Tooling Implementation

Obviously, 2Grips can perform professional implementations of both of the ITSM tools we have on offer: Heat Service Management and ITRP. In addition to this, we are also able to support the implementation of other Service Management applications. (This second form requires implementation by a third party for the technical aspects of the application).
Our approach makes us stand out from the crowd, thanks to the fact that we do not solely concentrate on the tool itself, but also the extremely important aspects of process support and the staff members who will be involved in these processes. This means a tool’s implementation is introduced using a holistic approach, which subsequently increases its success rate.
For our own solutions – ITRP and Heat Service Management – we make optimal use of the extensive features both tools have to offer. ITRP is a turnkey solution which can be deployed within your service organization with minimal time and energy. The Heat implementation Service Management’s foundations are composed of the ‘best practice’ method, upon which all necessary adjustments are based. During our implementations, both organization and process are central! With this in mind, we also strive to keep any customization to an absolute minimum, only applying it when it adds value.

Assessment & Validation

2Grips is able to vet your service organization, advising on possible improvements and/or validating whether certain improvements already made have achieved the required effect. In the latter case, we will set baseline measurements which allow subsequent measurements to show what effects these initiatives have made. The results of this assessment are then given in the form of a Service Improvement Plan, describing how the current situation may further be improved. 2Grips can also help you to implement these improvements.

Project & Program Management

2Grips can take over your Service Management program and/or project management. 2Grips project leaders not only possess extensive knowledge in the field of project management, but also in that of Service Management. With this total package of knowledge and skills, we can help make your project a complete success.


2Grips is more than qualified to train others in those aspects specific to our client’s needs. We can teach your personnel the theory behind their particular tasks in-house, which immediately reflects upon task performance, making such training invaluable. The aim of our training sessions is not to simply memorize theory, rules and regulations for an eventual examination or certificate. Passing an examination is naturally a plus point, but often involves home study and use of short-term memory and can be severely limited in its effect. However, the ability to couple one’s personal working environment with the theory behind it is absolutely invaluable.
Our training sessions are given in a classroom setting ‘in-house’, so that participants do not need to relocate. By training in groups within the same organization it is possible to discuss and reflect upon situations pertaining to that particular organization, and to brainstorm methods for local improvement.

2Grips offers the following training sessions:
  • ITIL Foundation (3 days including examination)
  • ITIL Bootcamp (1 day)
  • Prince2 Foundation (3 days including examination)

2Grips can also coach your personnel, team leaders and managers within the role they perform within your company. This proves extremely worthwhile when staff members take on other roles or move on to different functions, or when organizations introduce changes which involve a greater level of service. Coaching courses are always made to measure. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Process Definition & Implementation

One of the most common issues within the field of ITSM is the introduction of new processes to a service organization. The introduction of a new (formalized) process usually takes place in order to improve the quality of existing, general services. The most common first step taken by a service organization is to introduce the Incident Management process so that faults can be reacted upon and resolved as quickly as possible. Later on, the need to become more proactive and prevent these faults occurring in the first place leads to incorporating the ITIL Problem Management process. 2Grips can help you to define and introduce new IT processes. We use familiar best practices such as ITIL. Defining a process includes process flow, necessary roles, and associated responsibilities (RACI), as well as those KPI’s required to measure performance within the process. When implementing a process, we take into account the specifics of the organization which will be using this process, as well as the best applicable support tools.

Continual Service Improvement

Many initiatives in the field of Service Management are project-based. But projects are finite. However, there are always ample opportunities to improve them. Our Continual Service Improvement service (CSI) guides you towards a permanent system of improvement regarding your personnel, your processes, and your tools. Together with the client we draft a roadmap listing your company’s goals for the coming period. We then help you achieve these goals in short cycles, or via smaller projects; in other words, according to the continuous repetition of: Plan – Do – Check – Act. The result of this approach are improved and much more efficient services.

Interim Management

2Grips are able to perform a temporary function within the field of Service Management. By this we mean roles such as those performed by a Service Desk Manager, Process Manager or Service Delivery Manager. Hiring our staff gives you the opportunity to bridge a gap until a permanent member of staff can be found. The temporary filling of a role is also an ideal way to introduce new changes within your company.

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