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BMC Helix Remedyforce is a comprehensive IT service management that easily scales and adapts to the needs of any company. Built on the platform – the world’s most widely used cloud platform -, it allows you to ensure the business is efficient, compliant, and secure. Intuitive and powerful, BMC Helix Remedyforce enables enterprises to deliver innovative digital services that accelerate business success and drive increased customer satisfaction.

BMS Helix Remedyforce
Innovation and the power of the cloud

Leveraging more than 20 years of pioneering leadership in the Service Management market, BMC built the BMC Helix Remedyforce SaaS help desk from the ground up on cloud industry leader Salesforce’s platform, creating an easy-to-use, easy-to-manage, comprehensive help desk solution. The inclusion of social and collaboration tools allows customers to reach and empower users wherever they are, and BMC Helix Remedyforce’s built-in ITIL best practices make IT organizations more efficient and productive from the get-go.

Build business value with BMC Helix Remedyforce’s SaaS Help Desk

BMC Helix Remedyforce enables you to deliver world-class IT services that move the business ahead. BMC Helix Remedyforce provides out-of-the-box ITIL best practices that can cut service desk wait times from five minutes to 45 seconds; improve first-call resolution by up to 90%; track inventory and assets; and empower users with self-service capabilities. The result? Happy users, fewer unresolved issues, and greater productivity for IT and user alike.

BMS Helix Remedyforce
Why choose BMC Helix Remedyforce?
Intelligent, omni-channel self-service2019-10-17T12:50:06+01:00

Self-service with Chatbots that extend to Skype, Slack, mobile and web bots.

Comprehensive functionality2019-10-17T12:50:54+01:00

Incident, Request, Problem, Change, Release, Service Level Management, CMDB, Discovery and Asset Management with a personalized self-service gives users new access to service delivery.

Intuitive dashboards and reporting2019-10-17T12:51:41+01:00

Predictive information directly in the tickets to resolve 90% of IT issues on the first call. Realtime drag’n drop dashboard and reporting to show key business metrics in order to drive information sharing and informed, smart business decisions.

Configuration not customization2019-10-17T12:52:39+01:00

Deploy new technologies and services without coding or scripting, intuitive administration and configuration keeps you focused on delivering business value.

No software or hardware to install or manage2019-10-17T12:53:27+01:00

Seamless upgrades twice a year with simple, value-based pricing.

Integrate and automate2019-10-17T12:54:10+01:00

Automation and integration (API’s included) to reduce manual labour and streamlined service delivery.

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