One of the most common issues within the field of ITSM is the introduction of new processes to a service organization. The introduction of a new (formalized) process usually takes place in order to improve the quality of existing, general services. The most common first step taken by a service organization is to introduce the Incident Management process so that faults can be reacted upon and resolved as quickly as possible. Later on, the need to become more proactive and prevent these faults occurring in the first place leads to incorporating the ITIL Problem Management process. 2Grips can help you to define and introduce new IT processes. We use familiar best practices such as ITIL. Defining a process includes process flow, necessary roles, and associated responsibilities (RACI), as well as those KPI’s required to measure performance within the process. When implementing a process, we take into account the specifics of the organization which will be using this process, as well as the best applicable support tools.