The Service Integration Manager badge is the most recent certification in the portfolio of Exin, an independent examination and certification institute including SIAM. Exin launched this new certificate during Service North, the worldwide Service Integration And Management conference which took place last month. 2Grips is therefore proud to be one of the first accredited training organisations offering professionals the opportunity to obtain the Service Integration Manager certification via a combination of modules.

Exin Career Path Certifications

A few years ago, Exin started providing certificates for career paths (Exin Career Path Certifications). These certifications, composed by multiple modules, help professionals to work towards a specific role or skillset. The career path certifications offered by EXIN are specifically designed for emerging roles within the field of IT.

Service Integration Manager
Service Integration Manager
Service Integration Manager

This career path certificate combines a broad background with specialist skills. This role-oriented certification provides professionals with a flying start in their (new) role. The certificate consists of:

At foundation level: Cloud Computing Foundation + (SIAM Foundation or VeriSM Foundation)
At specialist level: SIAM Professional

By obtaining the three required certifications, you will automatically receive the EXIN Service Integration Manager certificate.

Service Integration Manager Certification
The role of Service Integration Manager

The provider landscape of organisations is becoming increasingly complex. More and more, “everything-as-a-service” is the new normal. As flexibility gains ground, so does the challenge of integrating services and aligning providers. To get maximum value from the multi-provider model, it is crucial to ensure effective and seamless integration of services. The role of Service Integration Manager therefore becomes indispensable.

About the value of this certificate

In today’s rapidly changing world, it is important to keep knowledge and skills up-to-date. For many employers, an accredited certification is a widely recognised proof of particular skills. By being certified as an EXIN Service Integration Manager, you have demonstrated that you have the required competencies to be successful in this role. These competencies include background knowledge of Service Management and Cloud Computing, as well as specific practical skills related to Service Integration and Management (SIAM).