2Grips Team Paul Donders

Our people make us different. We’re passionate about service management which brings us together. Our people are the most valuable assets in our organisation. They were picked out because of their skills, attitudes and knowledge, which they apply daily to help our customers to attain excellence within their client’s service departments. We care for our clients’ business as our business. So meet the 2Grips team…

Meet Paul Donders: One of our key Service Management Consultants.

Paul Donders joined 2Grips back in 2019. Before he joined our 2Grips family he earned a track record in the ITSM/ESM space, but especially within the BMC Remedyforce community for at least 10 years. Before working in Service Management, Paul delivered other roles around brand experiences, delivering services and creating long term trust relations.

His focus never only was BMC Remedyforce and Salesforce, but also gained experience around 4me and Nexthink over the last years. Part of all his engagements was and is earning trust from customer organizations. His motto, or as he calls his job, ” Helping customers succeed and setting up for success”

Paul is a person who delivers what he promises. Many contacts follow Paul where he goes, due to trust relations, experience, knowledge, confidence and honesty. On top he knows how the processes should work, is very capable of communicating within all organisation levels, but also has some deeper technical knowledge around integration and automation efforts.

If you don’t report on it and don’t make smart business decisions as outcome of those reports, don’t do it.

Tip from Paul, 2Grips

Reach out to Paul directly via paul.donders @2grips.com, even if you would like to have a 1:1 with one of his trusted customers to share knowledge and experience or contact 2Grips

Paul Donders