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Our people make us different. We’re passionate about service management which brings us together. Our people are the most valuable assets in our organisation. They were picked out because of their skills, attitudes and knowledge, which they apply daily to help our customers to attain excellence within their client’s service departments. We care for our clients’ business as our business. So meet the 2Grips team…

Meet Nancy De Cuyper: Customer Satisfaction & Training Manager

Nancy De Cuyper has been part of the 2Grips team since 2017. After spending more than 20 years in B-to-C marketing at companies including 4UCampus, IJsboerke and Kadee, she made the switch to B-to-B to put the “2Grips” name on the map of the Service Management landscape.

As responsible for events, trainings, workshops and the 2Grips e-learning platform, she encourages people to become lifelong learners in this fast-changing world. Furthermore, she maintains our social media channels and you will often come across her on Linkedin.
In her spare time, Nancy enjoys reading, hiking and cycling. And whenever she has the chance, she prefers to go on holiday, anything from rudimentary camping on a Swedish island to all-inclusive in the south.

Ever since her studies Organisational and Consumer Psychology, the human psyche has been her most valuable source of inspiration. Customers, and therefore people, are the common thread throughout her career. And although a lot has changed in marketing and communication after all these years, her main challenge remains: how do we make our customers happy?

I strongly believe in sharing knowledge, passion and enthusiasm,

because sharing is multiplying.

Tip from Nancy, 2Grips

Reach out to Nancy directly via nancy.decuyper @2grips.com, even if you would like to have a 1:1 with one of his trusted customers to share knowledge and experience or contact 2Grips

Nancy De Cuyper