You’re invited

Would you also like to break down the silos in your organisation and start working together as one service organisation? As well as wondering how such an enterprise service management approach works in practice? If so, you are welcome to attend the “Lunch & Learn: Enterprise Service Management” on Wednesday 25 October at the Van der Valk Hotel in Breda.

During a few short sessions and a tasty lunch buffet, you will learn about this highly topical theme within service management. We will show you how you can streamline service management within the entire organisation across all departments (IT, HR, Facilities, …). Resulting in faster resolution of calls, more efficiency and, above all, a better customer experience.

At this Lunch & Learn, you will meet our experts and connect with colleagues who are facing the same challenge or have already overcome one or more hurdles.

Lunch & Learn Enterprise Service Management
Live event
Wednesday 25 October 2023
11am till 2pm CET
Van der Valk Hotel Breda
Language: Dutch
What to expect:
  • A case study presented by our client Cordaan
  • A short demo of Freshservice for Business Teams
  • A presentation on the human factor and change management
  • A tasty lunch buffet and the opportunity to network
  • 10h45-11h: Welcome
  • 11h-12h: Customer case Cordaan
  • 12h-13h: Lunch buffet
  • 13h-14h: Organisational Change
Freshservice for Business Teams

Freshservice for Business Teams unites IT and business teams with a single service management solution for fast, easy and seamless service delivery. Find out more in this video.