Get To Grips 2022

Welcome to the annual Get to Grips event.

Get to Grips is an annual event organised by 2Grips for those who want to keep up with the latest trends and developments in the world of Service Management. Each year we look for exciting topics and passionate speakers in order to offer you an interesting and inspiring afternoon. The Get to Grips event brings a unique combination of networking and knowledge sharing for C-level management.

June 9th, 2022

Van der Valk Antwerp

The theme of Get to Grips 2022 is “Personalized Service Excellence”.

Service Management is a dynamic business!

The arrival of ITIL4 and concepts such as co-creation, value flows, and an increased focus on Customer Experience in the pursuit of customer-oriented services has become an ever present challenge for today’s organisations. This has become not only the quest for the IT department but is an organization-wide concern. These are just a few of the trends that have emerged in recent years and without doubt there are more to follow!

At the same time however, there is a continuous pressure to cut costs, work more efficiently and make services scalable, standardized and extensively automated.

But how can standardized and automated services be reconciled with a personal and excellent service experience? Also, how do you deal with this if you are an internal or external service provider operating within a set of constraints such as: rigid organisational structures with sub-optimal processes and limited resources? After all, excellent service provision is personal and unique to each user, depending on their specific needs, requirements, responsibilities and individual working environment.

With the arrival of Generation Y, born in the late 90s early 2000s and raised in an ‘on-demand’ economy with highly personalized services by the bol.coms and Spotifys of this world, it is high time to ask us these questions!

During our annual Get to Grips event, we will shed some light on the elements that play a crucial role in realizing personal services, including:

Value streams & processes

Focus on value

Organisation and people

A customer-oriented approach as the foundation for personalised services


The tooling landscape for personalised services

Partners & Suppliers

Collaboration is key

The sessions
Have you always wondered what value exactly means for the customer? During this keynote Jordy will elaborate why it is important to focus on value, how to align your processes with it and what the common pitfalls are. Jordy Mertens
Personalised service provision starts with a customer-oriented approach. The culture and attitude of the employees responsible for delivering these services is crucial in this respect. However, how can you create a customer-oriented culture in your organisation? Danny Van Vosselen
The efficient and effective delivery of personalised services places high demands on the service provider’s organisation. Without the right tooling, this will become an expensive matter. But which technology is relevant here? And how exactly does it contribute to the successful delivery of personalised services and the creation of value? Joost van Iersel
In this part of the session, Ian will explore the differences between a supplier and a partner and why it is important to know the difference. Either way, collaboration is a key component of any relationship and Ian will explore what collaboration really is and how to do it better! Ian Groves
Meet our speakers
Danny Van Vosselen

Danny Van Vosselen

Danny Van Vosselen is the CEO and co-founder of 2Grips. He started his career 30 years ago in various roles before becoming self-employed in his specialisation of IT service management in 2006. As a consultant, Danny has assisted both large and small private companies, public authorities and educational institutions like the Province of East-Flanders and the University of Hasselt. Characteristic of his approach is his strong focus on the human factor and his attention to attitudes, behaviour and culture. Don’t hesitate to contact him for a good chat about his passion for service management.

Jordy Mertens

Jordy Mertens works as a Service Management consultant for 2Grips. During his career Jordy has worked on several projects related to Process definition, implementation, management or improvements. Next to that, Jordy has helped numerous clients of different industries in selecting and implementing the appropriate service management tools and helping embedding organisational change by training and coaching of the employees. Finally Jordy is taking up the role of COO at 2Grips were he is responsible for the follow-up of all ongoing projects and all consultants, the support organization and optimizing internal processes.

Jordy Mertens
Joost van Iersel

Joost van Iersel

Joost van Iersel is the CTO and co-founder of 2Grips. After his studies in Business Economics at the University of Tilburg, he went to a company specialising in IT Service Management tooling. Within a wide range of roles within this company, ranging from junior consultant to trusted advisor, he has gained a lot of experience with all possible ways in which service management can be applied. Both within small organisations as well as very large ones; and ranging from a technical focus to especially a human focus. Several years ago, it was time to focus less on the tools within the field of service management and as an independent person. Joost then started to focus more on the organizational side of things. This again brought many new insights and introduced him to his current ‘partner in crime’ Danny Van Vosselen.

Ian Groves

Ian Groves was born and raised in in the North East of England but has spent most of his adult life in Norfolk. He originally qualified as a Pharmacist, but after many years of working in retail he decided that a change of career was needed. He was lucky enough to find employment with ICL, over 20 years ago, who were looking for people with lots of customer skills and no IT experience. A perfect match and the rest is history. Ian has spent the intervening years developing his IT service management and consulting expertise and has worked extensively across Europe. As a SIAM specialist, he’s the Accredited Service Integration and Management (SIAM) trainer for 2Grips.

Ian Groves
Meet our partners

This year, we are also putting our partners in the spotlight. They are available for all your questions.