The world around us is evolving increasingly fast. Organisations have to move faster than ever. The way services are designed, managed, delivered and updated is very different from 10 years ago – even different from a year ago!

Free SIAM and VeriSM Training

2Grips would like to share with you how service management has evolved. That is why we are now temporarily* making our e-learning platform available free of charge for the SIAM Foundation and VeriSM Foundation courses.

These are complete Foundation courses (not just part of the content), fully accredited and globally recognised. You will receive a certificate of completion and be thoroughly prepared to take the official exam at the end of your training.

So add something new to your knowledge and your CV today with these free training courses. Feel free to share the offer with your team – we want to see everyone evolve!

*Sorry, this offer was only valid until 10 April 2022.

Free Verism

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