Next Generation Customer Experience event

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Maya Angelo

2Grips is pleased to invite you to its newest event:

Next Generation Customer Experience

Growing numbers of companies are coming to recognize the benefits of managing customer experience: higher revenues, lower costs, and stronger employee and customer loyalty. Also within the field of Service Management the focus is shifting from SLA’s towards more end-user satisfaction oriented objectives. Our IT organisations are confronted with the question of how relevant their current SLA metrics are in driving improved customer satisfaction and service experience. But what is an XLA, what are the things to be on the look out for and how do we measure customer experience?

2Grips likes to invite you for a fascinating afternoon in collaboration with Aternity and Giarte. Register today to join us and to learn more about the Next Generation Customer Experience.

February 11, 2020
Van Der Valk Hotel, Luitenant Lippenslaan 66, 2140 Antwerpen

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All sessions will be held in Dutch.

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15u30 – 15u45
Welcome and Introduction

Joost van Iersel – 2Grips

15u45 – 16u05
Customer Satisfaction in a multi-sourcing environment

Customer satisfaction is an increasingly important issue for any organisation. This concept and its implementation becomes even more complex in an environment where certain parts of the service have been outsourced to multiple service providers.
Service Integration And Management, SIAM, is the set of principles and practices that facilitate partnerships between service providers and that are necessary to maximize the benefits of multi-sourcing.
Service integration facilitates the linking of services and processes which are used to deliver them, into a single business model that ultimately benefits the customer.
Danny Van Vosselen – 2Grips

16u05 – 16u45
Road towards Xperience Level Agreement (XLA)

Marco Gianotten – Giarte

16u45 – 17u15 Break
17u15 – 18u00
End User Experience Monitoring

According to a recent survey by the Service Desk Institute, customer satisfaction is the most important indicator of success for the service desk. This means that measuring customer satisfaction or customer experience is becoming increasingly important in order to guarantee the quality of service as well as to meet the expectations of the end user. During this session you will learn how you can continuously improve your service based on actual user experience/measurements.
Cees Broer and Jonathan Vermeulen – Aternity

18u00 – 18u10

Danny Van Vosselen – 2Grips

18u10 – 19u30

With food & drinks