Meeting the GDPR registration and audit requirements doesn’t have to be expensive and complicated. In addition to requirements about what, how and where personal data is stored, you must ensure that your processes support all GDPR-related requests, for instance a request for Insight, rectification or deletion of personal data.

4me GDPR

4me, a cloud-based service management solution, ensures that privacy related requests submitted by individuals – employees or customers – are handled in line with the GDPR requirements. With over 20 preconfigured workflows on the 4me platform, to operationally support the GDPR requirements, 4me offers all his clients a prompt and affordable solution.
Our 4me customers can implement this solution quickly and easily and take a big step towards becoming GDPR compliant.

Following workflow procedures for GDPR are now available as templates in 4me:

GDPR with 4me
Preconfigured workflows for all Data Subject requests:
  • Insight of personal data
  • Rectification of personal data
  • Objection usage of personal data
  • Transfer of personal data
  • Upload of personal data
  • Right To Be Forgotten (RTBF)
  • Rejection Fully Automated Decision Making (FAD)
Preconfigured workflows on Assessments
  • Privacy by design & default assessment
  • GDPR impact assessment
  • Data leak assessment
  • Security processing assessment
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)
  • Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)
Preconfigured workflows GDPR obligations
  • Data leak prevention
  • Active data leak detection
  • Data leak reporting & notification
  • Third party data security evaluation
  • Data processor monitoring
  • Obtain personal data
  • Directly obtained personal data
  • Indirectly obtained personal data
Preconfigured internal workflows (best practices)
  • Update of data
  • Forward rectifications
  • Refusal
  • Complaint handling
  • Delete data
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