Right from the start, 2Grips has focused on customers in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg, operating from the headquarters in Belgium. To be able to serve our customers in The Netherlands even better, 2Grips opened a second branch in the former Philips Light Tower in Eindhoven Brainport this month.

The choice for this location in this innovative top technology region was made consciously. The interesting heptagonal tower was a part of the Philips company and was used for testing the service life of incandescent lamps. This famous, historical building symbolizes tradition, entrepreneurship and trustworthiness, values that are also highly regarded by 2Grips.
The Eindhoven region, also called Brainport, is attracting innovative technology, people and companies to create tomorrow’s products and invent solutions for future societal challenges. Since everything becomes a service, we, as experts in Service Management want to contribute to this bright and service-minded future.

Want to meet us at our new location in Eindhoven? First call us (+31 40 80 80 375) then we have the coffee ready.

2Grips Eindhoven