Mature service organizations consistently focus on monitoring whether processes are working and yielding the desired outcomes. They realize that processes can be optimized to create even more value. Complete and mature processes are essential in today’s economy because they play a prominent role in the way of working, efficiency, cost reduction, … For a process to be mature, it has to be complete in its usefulness, automated, reliable in information and continuously improving.

A good starting point for process improvement is by having a view on “where you are” , “where you want to be” and “how you can get there”. Our Maturity Assessment service is a health check providing you the view on “where you are”. This makes it a prerequisite to track continual service improvement. Because as a diagnostic tool, this health check helps to identify the starting point for process improvement by evaluating the maturity level of current process performance on an objective scale and identifying the gaps. This maturity audit provides a critical direction to steer the IT organization.

When do you need this Maturity Assessment service?

There are a number of indicators that a health check of your service management status is required:

  • Poor Performance – if process performance consistently falls below established KPIs, then it is good practice to understand and identify the cause of such underperformance.
  • Lack of Metrics – what gets measured gets done, what is not measured most likely does not get done. Without the proper controls around a process, neither the process nor its execution is effective or efficient.
  • Dissatisfied Users – when users are not satisfied, the process is inconsistent or incomplete, not followed, or simply not understood.
Maturity assessment methodology

2Grips help organizations to improve their IT service management within the different Service & Quality Management frameworks/best practices. To assess your organization’s process maturity we collect information in diverse ways and from multiple sources:

  • Interviews / Workshops
  • Process documents analysis
  • Technology reviews

The topics that can be handled are:

  • IT and Service Strategy
  • IT Operations
  • People, Organization and Management
  • Technology
  • Processes and procedures
  • Customer satisfaction

Different methods/best practices may be used in the context of this audit, including The Capability Maturity Model Integrated (CMMi). This model indicates the level at which an organization (or division of organization) is located and is used to guide the improvement of the process over a project, division or an entire organization.

Maturity Assessment
Maturity Assessment outcomes

2Grips provides a detailed breakdown of what the maturity score means, including a description of the organization’s maturity level, the characteristics of that maturity level, and how the score could be improved. The results of this assessment are then given in the form of a Service Improvement Plan, describing how the current situation may further be improved. This deliverable presents a set of recommendations on a practical level including some quick wins.

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