Ivanti Service Manager

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Ivanti Service Manager, powered by Heat Software – an outstanding, quality, flexible platform – offers three levels of system setup for supporting your IT Service Management processes, or even your Enterprise Service Management processes: Ivanti Help Desk, Ivanti Service Desk, and Ivanti Service Management.

Ivanti Service Manager
Ivanti Service Manager

Ivanti Service Manager is offered with a standard design for the support of all your IT processes, based on their own best practice experiences and on the ITIL framework. This provides an excellent starting point for an implementation and saves time and costs.
Furthermore, Ivanti is fully customizable without any programming. This offers you complete flexibility in supporting your IT processes or in supporting your Human Resource, Facility or any other process.
Ivanti also offers the possibility to easily build the most complex workflows. So that all your standard requests can be perfectly supported and automated.

Gartner Magic Quadrant

Gartner, one of the leading IT research companies, regularly examines ITSM solutions in the market and provides valuable information about leading suppliers, trends and solutions in the market. In her Magic Quadrant for ITSM tools, Ivanti Service Manager is among the best in the class.

Landesk en Heat Software

At the beginning of 2017, LANDESK and HEAT Software have been united under a new company name: Ivanti. The cloud-based Service Management software from HEAT in combination with LANDESK’s portfolio for IT Asset Management and Endpoint Security results in a powerful range of solutions that meet today’s growing customer demands. With over 1,600 employees in 23 countries and with more than 22,000 diverse customers across all sectors, Ivanti offers integrated solutions that help IT organizations keep rapidly evolving user requirements with the need to secure critical assets and data. Even under the new name, Ivanti continues to deliver the essential solutions that customers need to be successful.

2Grips support

2Grips will also take care of you after the implementation. Our support & management service supports you with the use of Ivanti Service Manager. This service is offered in various forms, varying from fast and reliable first line support for reporting software bugs and answering simple functional questions, to fully taking over the application management of your service management solution. All this on a subscription basis and therefore with pre-known costs. Even if you haven’t purchased the licenses for Ivanti Service Manager directly from us, you can purchase these services from 2Grips. More info about Ivanti Support.

  • Dashboards & Reporting
  • Knowledge Management
  • Incident Management
  • Self Service
  • Service Catalog
  • Survey
  • Workflow Automation
  • Change Management
  • CMDB

  • Configuration Management
  • Problem Management
  • Service Level Management
  • Availability Management
  • Event Management
  • Financial Management
  • Portfolio & Project Management
  • Release Management
Cloud or on-premise

Ivanti Service Manager is available as a cloud service and as an on-premise solution and offers the unique opportunity to switch from one form to another at a later time. This gives you the flexibility and freedom to choose. Again, Ivanti Service Manager demonstrates its strength: its adaptability to your specific business needs.

Why choose Ivanti Service Manager, powered by Heat Software?
Future Proof: a modern and modular platform for all your current and future needs2018-01-17T08:46:58+01:00

Ivanti’s experts follow trends and evolutions closely. They analyze the different perspectives, develop and implement new digital solutions that you or other customers need in the future. As technology and/or needs change, upgrades and new modules emerge. Thanks to the modular system and the many integrated additional applications, you can expand your platform according to your needs, now and in the future, within IT and across the boundaries of IT. Future proof scalability and flexibility for the most demanding users.

Full integration with other Ivanti Software products2018-01-17T08:46:38+01:00

Ivanti Software helps you automate, grow and excel. Due to the many acquisitions and mergers, Ivanti Software can offer various integrated functions that extend your ITSM to additional applications such as Discovery and Endpoint Management. Thanks to ready-to-use integrations, all modules are easy to connect without expensive development costs. You save time and money.

Real-time insight and excellent reporting capabilities2018-01-17T08:45:56+01:00

Several ready-to-use dashboards and real-time reports enable your organization to get the insights you need to take action and improve your service delivery. Concentrate on specific issues or view summaries that meet individual needs, because with Ivanti Dashboards you can also create flexible and well-organized reports with the necessary drill down and filter functions thanks to the drag-and-drop interface. Share dashboards, schedule or export reports, set alerts, Ivanti does it all.

PinkVerify ITIL certification for 13 processes2018-01-17T08:38:04+01:00

You do not have to reinvent the ITIL wheel. No less than 13 ITIL processes from Ivanti Service Manager are certified by PinkVerify (Availability Management, Change Management, Event Management, Financial Management, Incident Management, Knowledge Management, Problem Management, Release and Deployment Management, Request Fulfillment, Service Asset and Configuration Management, Service Catalog Management, Service Level Management, and Service Portfolio Management). This way you immediately benefit from ITIL’s best practices to identify, plan, deliver and support your IT services to further minimize unscheduled service interruptions and at the same time improve customer satisfaction by providing the services they need.

Easy automation with the Drag-and-drop Workflow Designer2018-01-17T08:37:21+01:00

Automation results in a more consistent execution, fewer errors and exceptions, more safety and lower operating costs. Automated processes are also easier to replicate and scale. Thanks to Ivanti Workflow Designer, service owners and business managers are able to adapt, design and manage their own workflows and processes via a drag-and-drop interface. Predefined integration workflow blocks can be seamlessly integrated with external systems and data sources, giving technicians and users access to the important information they need right at the time they need it. Ivanti automates workflows, eliminates costly manual processes and makes your business more efficient, compliant and secure.

Ivanti Enterprise Service Management (ESM)

Contemporary Service Management goes beyond just IT. Ivanti Enterprise Service Management offers you the tools to transform your company and streamline all service supporting processes. With the scalable and configurable Ivanti platform, in combination with the years of experience of 2Grips, you can quickly and easily extend your service management to all business areas via one easy-to-manage platform. Regardless of the size of your organization.

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