Freshrelease is an agile project management software built by Freshworks. It comes with powerful features like roadmaps, bug tracking, test case management, release tracking and scrum/kanban boards. Freshrelease enables IT teams to deliver quality outcomes on time by running key IT initiatives as projects.

“Collaborate better & deliver faster as one integrated team.”

With out-of-the-box integration with Freshservice, IT teams can link their incidents, changes or problems to development tasks or IT projects. This integration gives all the Freshservice agents free guest access to Freshrelease.

Why Freshrelease + Freshservice duo?
Track and manage all your tickets and changes associated with a project within a single place.
With better context and visibility into associated development tasks, rolling out changes are highly smooth and efficient.
IT Teams working closely with development teams can reduce turnaround time and increase adherence to SLAs.
The built-in testing module of Freshrelease ensures high-quality software releases and rollouts.
Manage schedules and resources efficiently to get more work done, faster!

Explore Freshresease to plan, prioritize, and work in an agile fashion.
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Running key IT initiatives as projects?
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