2Grips organises on a regular basis, compact, interactive and practical (IT) Service Management workshops for anyone to participate. These ITSM workshops focus on hot topics, common bottlenecks, industry knowledge and frequently asked questions.

The objective is to generate ideas, provide takeaways and to deliver quick wins for the participants to be utilised wherever possible within your business or organisation. The workshops are led by one of our senior ITSM specialists who have years of hands-on experience with the subject at hand.

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Workshop: Mastering Multiple Service Providers

As organisations increasingly disaggregate contracts with external parties into smaller partnerships with increasingly specialised service providers, we often see the same issues and problems occur:

  • Client organisations are pursuing a disaggregated contract approach to sourcing but haven’t fully considered the service management / operational impact
  • Absence of a coherent sourcing strategy – clients continue to run separate procurements in isolation which causes delays / cost overrun / duplication / gaps in service
  • Misaligned service levels / KPIs across services so difficult to see the end-to-end view of service performance and difficult to manage
  • Contract disaggregation leads to increased complexity for supplier management – typically an increase in suppliers to be managed by the same sized client organisation
  • Limited collaboration, or worse, conflict between suppliers – who is in control to manage disputes and to ensure that collaboration works?
  • No clear / viable service integrator function – by default this is likely to be done (usually not very well) by an overstretched client IT support team – without even understanding what they need to do

During this workshop we will talk about how to develop and implement a service / contract disaggregation strategy and its desired outcomes and benefits. Further topics to be discussed also include:

  • Developing a performance management and reporting framework – be sure that you can measure the service end-to-end and have a high level of consistency and reuse of measures across all service providers
  • Defining a clear governance framework and collaboration agreement and use them
    Be clear on who will perform the role of the service integrator – if not designed it will be the client by default
  • Understand the impact on the client organisation and resource up / train staff accordingly
  • Review current organisational capabilities e.g. are client service management processes fit for purpose for a disaggregated model?

Join us to learn more about managing multiple service providers with effective strategies for seamless collaboration and enhanced performance.

Mastering Multiple Service Providers

Who should attend

  • Highly recommended for anyone interested in managing multiple service providers
  • The session takes place online from 10 a.m. to 12 noon.
  • Register for this workshop before 22 April 2024

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