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What is SIAM?

SIAM (Service Integration And Management) isn’t a buzzword, it’s the new way of looking at outsourcing, a well-considered methodology to stimulate collaboration between multiple internal and external service providers. One of the most important key concepts is the Service Integrator who is responsible for managing relationships with external service providers and coordinating the delivery of IT services.

A (brief) history

The first reports around Service Integration And Management came from the UK and date back to around the year 2000. As with the earlier launch of ITIL, the UK government was one of the main driving forces behind the development of SIAM. The first white papers with best practices appeared in 2015. To exchange experiences and standardise terms, the SIAM Foundation was established in 2016 to further develop the methodology. Among them are Clair Agutter, Michelle Major-Goldsmith and Simon Dorst. In 2017 the education and certification scheme was launched in partnership with Exin, to guarantee quality SIAM training around the globe.

To help you get started quickly with the basic principles of SIAM and to keep you up to date with this rapidly developing approach, we selected a number of interesting sources for you: whitepapers, webinars, blogs, conferences, people to follow, groups on Linkedin and free downloads.

What is SIAM?

So who better than Claire Agutter, the principal author of both the SIAM Foundation, and the SIAM Professional Body of Knowledge, to tell you what exactly SIAM is. In this blog, she explains how SIAM will bring clarity to an increasingly complex supplier environment.

The Scopism SIAM Community

In this recently established SIAM community, knowledge and best practices are shared by professionals. Whether you are a seasoned SIAM practitioner or just starting to explore the world of service integration, this community is the perfect place to learn and grow. If you want to follow SIAM on Linkedin then this is the group to be in.

Once a member of this community, both books “SIAM Foundation Body of Knowledge” and “SIAM Professional Body of Knowledge” are available for free download.

SIAM videos

SIAM Blogs

Other interesting SIAM blogs:

SIAM Health Assessment

Like your own health, a SIAM environment is something that needs constant attention, regular check-ups and continual improvement. The SIAM Health Assessment is a free online test to understand where you currently are, and how you can move towards your goal.

In addition to this free online self-assessment, 2Grips is licensed to facilitate a more in-depth, detailed and specific assessment not only to get insight into how to move forward, but also to provide specific recommendations. This assessment is more granular, more context specific and much more pragmatic. As co-contributors of the SIAM Health assessment, we can bring a greater level of subject matter expertise and the clues of the improvements that could be made.

Training and Certification

2Grips is accredited by Exin to offer SIAM Foundation and SIAM Professional courses

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