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What is KCS?


KCS, or the Knowledge-Centered Support methodology, is a customer service and support methodology that focuses on capturing, sharing, and using knowledge to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the support process. This Knowledge Management method is based on the idea that knowledge is a key driver of customer satisfaction. By capturing and leveraging knowledge, organisations can improve their ability to solve customer problems and improve the overall customer experience.

KCS principles

The KCS methodology consists of six principles:

  1. Start with the customer: Prioritize customer needs and use customer feedback to improve the support process.
  2. Focus on outcomes: Focus on the desired outcomes of the support process, rather than the specific steps involved.
  3. Work in the flow of work: Capture and share knowledge as part of the normal work process, rather than as a separate activity.
  4. Use collaboration: Encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing among team members and across departments.
  5. Use a standard process: Establish a standard process for capturing and sharing knowledge, and ensure that all team members follow it.
  6. Continuously improve: Use data and feedback to continuously improve the support process and the customer experience.

The KCS methodology is designed to help organisations improve their customer support process by leveraging their collective knowledge and expertise. It is based on the idea that by capturing and sharing knowledge, organisations can improve their ability to solve customer problems and increase customer satisfaction.

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