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What is IT Asset Management?


IT asset management is the process of tracking and managing the lifecycle of an organisation’s physical and digital assets. This can include hardware such as computers and servers, software licenses, and other IT-related assets. The goal of IT asset management is to optimize the use and value of these assets, while minimizing costs and risks.


  • Inventory management: Maintaining a record of all IT assets, including their location, ownership, and status.
  • Asset tracking: Monitoring the movement and use of IT assets, including who is using them and for what purpose.
  • Asset maintenance: Ensuring that IT assets are kept in good working order and are regularly maintained and updated.
  • Asset disposal: Properly disposing of IT assets that are no longer needed or are no longer in good working order.
  • License management: Tracking software licenses and ensuring that the organisation is in compliance with any terms and conditions associated with the use of the software.

Effective IT asset management can help organisations optimize their IT resources and reduce costs by ensuring that assets are used efficiently and that they are properly maintained and replaced when necessary. It can also help organisations mitigate risks by ensuring that they are in compliance with relevant laws and regulations and by protecting sensitive data stored on IT assets.

IT Asset Management within ITIL 4

For those who want a comprehensive introduction to this topic, there is the module within the ITIL 4 Certification Scheme: ITILĀ® 4 Specialist: IT Asset Management. This additional module is specifically designed for IT professionals involved in managing costs and risks, monitoring and ensuring compliance and good governance of IT resources.


Specific tools such as Lansweeper, for example, can help you track and manage your IT assets, including hardware such as computers and servers, software licences and other IT-related assets.

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