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Lean IT explained


Lean IT is a management approach that is based on the principles of lean manufacturing and aims to optimize the delivery of IT services by reducing waste, improving efficiency, and increasing value for customers.

Why Lean IT?

The main goal of Lean IT is to identify and eliminate waste in the IT process, with a focus on improving efficiency and reducing costs. Waste can take many forms, such as unnecessary steps in a process, defects or errors, overproduction, waiting, excess inventory, unnecessary motion, and overprocessing. Lean IT aims to eliminate these sources of waste in order to streamline the IT process and deliver value to customers more efficiently.

To achieve these goals, Lean IT employs a number of tools and techniques, including process mapping, value stream analysis, and continuous improvement. These tools help organizations to identify and eliminate waste, to streamline processes, and to continuously improve the delivery of IT services.

Overall, Lean IT is focused on maximizing the value of IT services for customers by eliminating waste and improving efficiency in the IT process. It is a holistic approach that aims to optimize the entire IT value stream, from the initial request for service to the delivery of the final product or service.

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