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Future Proof Service Management

Where are we, where do we want to go and how do we get there.

Nowadays, many organisations are still struggling with their Service Management approach. They are trying to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and quality of their services by setting up policies and processes and supporting them with a service management tool. Although these building blocks are indispensable, they are not the enablers of quality services, customer satisfaction or employee satisfaction.

An adequate and future proof service management approach.

An adequate and future proof service management approach includes much more. It involves:

  • the customer experience of your services

  • gaining and keeping control of your eco-system to deliver your services end-to-end. More and more, this eco-system consists of partners and suppliers who co-create value for your customers.

  • understanding what service brings which value to each individual customer. It is about unburdening your customers.

  • the efficient use of your employees’ capacities, employee satisfaction, a balanced workload and performance expectations.

And all of this while taking security and privacy into account. Altogether, it involves a lot more than just a number of ITIL processes and a ticketing tool. Anyone who wants to be ready for the future and to transcend the ever-increasing expectations of customers, but also the ever-increasing complexity of the services to be delivered, must raise their service management bar higher.

You will need to put things in place with regard to:

  • Measuring and responding to the results of customer experiences (Experience Level Agreements)

  • The collaboration of your internal and external service providers (Service Integration and Management)

  • Unburdening your customers and employees throughout the organisation for all support services. (Enterprise Service Management)

  • Mapping the chronological steps a customer takes from a need/problem to its solution and satisfaction. (Customer Journey Mapping)

  • Bringing the delivery and maintenance of your services closer to your customers (Shift-Left)

  • Managing information security. (Information Security Management)

  • Guiding your employees in the right direction. (Adoption)

These items are no longer just buzz words, but are increasingly a reality as a result of the services that 2Grips provides to clients who place the delivery of quality services to their customers or users high on their strategic agenda.

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Danny Van Vosselen

CEO – Senior Service Management Consultant