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What is an XLA?


What is an XLA? An Experience Level Agreement (XLA) is a concept that is closely related to a Service Level Agreement (SLA) in the context of Service Management. While SLAs define the specific performance metrics for a service, XLAs focus on the overall user experience and satisfaction with the service. An Experience Level Agreement takes […]

What is Customer Experience Management

What is Customer Experience Management? Summery Customer Experience Management (CEM) refers to the strategies, processes and activities that companies and organisations implement to understand, manage and improve their customers’ experiences throughout the customer interaction lifecycle. It’s all about creating positive, memorable and seamless experiences for customers, regardless of the channel or stage of interaction. Key […]

Shift-left 2.0: Shift-left in practice

Shift-left 2.0: Shift-left in practice Automatisation and Orchestration In what we call Shift-left 2.0 (read here: Shift-left 1.0), we intend to go one step beyond. This involves not only enabling people to solve problems or questions at a first-line support level by making knowledge available, but also automating manual tasks. We identify two different aspects […]

Shift-Left 1.0

Shift-left 1.0 Shift-left has been a trend in Service Management for some time. The idea of shifting the solution of problems to the “left”, and therefore to a lower skill and cost level, isn’t new. However, “nothing is as simple as it seems”. Shift-left requires not just an investment in time and technology, but also […]

Ready to start with Experience Level Agreements

Experience Level Agreements What do Google, Facebook and Apple have in common? Each one of these successful organisations has invested in customer experience in recent years. And this both in managing the experiences of their end customers and those of their internal employees. By streamlining the experiences and expectations of service providers and their customers, […]

Collaboration across service providers

Collaboration across service providers Creating a “One-team” culture across all service providers When there are multiple parties in your ecosystem, it goes without saying that these parties must work together to achieve the common goals of your outsourcing. This collaboration is successful when we develop ways of bridging organizational and personal differences and working together […]

Onboarding service providers

Onboarding service providers Successfully onboarding service providers into your ecosystem. When your company outsources services to a service provider, there are certain elements related to the onboarding of that service provider that require specific attention to ensure that your organization can get the maximum value from outsourcing. These elements are: Information: we will exchange as […]

Key success factors of a self service portal

Key success factors of a self service portal A Self Service Portal to better support your internal customers Today, everyone is a consumer at or coolblue. These organisations focus on optimising the customer experience. In addition, their employees, who are internal customers and purchase services from IT, HR, fleet, etc., expect the same kind […]

What is VeriSM

What is VeriSM? VeriSM provides a flexible approach to service management in the digital age. It sees the entire organization, not just the IT departement, as a service provider and emphasis cooperation of all capabilities to deliver value to the customer. With VeriSM organisations can create a flexible operating model to meet business outcomes. Key […]

What is SIAM

What is SIAM? SIAM (Service Integration And Management) isn’t a buzzword, it’s the new way of looking at outsourcing, a well-considered methodology to stimulate collaboration between multiple internal and external service providers. One of the most important key concepts is the Service Integrator who is responsible for managing relationships with external service providers and coordinating […]

Service Management Applications

Service Management Applications Software, solutions, tooling Service Management applications support businesses automate and manage various business processes, including IT service management, human resources, and customer service. It provides a single system of record for all processes, allowing businesses to track and manage the delivery of services to their employees and customers. Why should an organisation […]

What is IT Asset Management

What is IT Asset Management? Summery IT asset management is the process of tracking and managing the lifecycle of an organisation’s physical and digital assets. This can include hardware such as computers and servers, software licenses, and other IT-related assets. The goal of IT asset management is to optimize the use and value of these […]