Get2Grips 2024

A warm welcome to Get2Grips 2024.

13 June 2024

Get2Grips is an annual event organised by 2Grips. A one-of-a-kind event for all of those who want to stay on top of the latest trends and developments in Service Management. Expect exciting topics, passionate speakers and an inspiring afternoon full of valuable insights. The Get2Grips event offers a unique opportunity for C-level management to connect, engage and share knowledge.

Get2Grips 2024: A trusted format appreciated by its audience

Once again this year, we hope to exceed your expectations and aim to provide an even better experience during Get2Grips. BluePoint’s professional and contemporary event venue remains the place to be. The well-known concept of Get2Grips also continues, but we’ve added some additional novelties to make your attendance even more valuable.

We are switching to English to make it easier for non-Dutch-speaking participants to attend the event and participate in the discussions.

Coming up this year! The break-out sessions allow us to offer a wider range of topics and so you will be able to focus on what is most relevant to you.

We will start a little earlier, at 1.30pm, so that you can get even more out of your day and take full advantage of everything Get2Grips has to offer.

Speed Networking is an efficient and time-saving way to meet new contacts. You will get the opportunity to interact with many of the attendees in an orchestrated format.

The program

13h30 – 14h00 Welcome
14h00 – 14h10 Intro
14h10 – 14h55 Keynote session
15h00 – 15h35 Speed networking
15h40 – 16h05 Break-out sessions
16h05 – 16h35 Break
16h35 – 17h00 Break-out sessions
17h05 – 17h50 Keynote session
17h50 – 18h00 Closure
18h00 – 20h00 Walking Dinner


Participating in Get2Grips is cost-free after registration. Please note that the number of places is limited. So don’t wait too long to confirm your attendance. We’re definitely looking forward to meeting you.


The location

The BluePoint business centre is located in Antwerp (Berchem) – easily accessible by car or public transport. If you travel by car, you can park both above- and underground. Electric charging stations are also available on site. Coming by public transport? The business & conference centre is just 10 minutes from Berchem railway station. 2Grips provides its own shuttle service to make things comfortable for you.

Take a virtual tour of BluePoint Antwerp.

Keynote sessions

As usual, Jordy is also talking about customer centricity this year. In addition to the need to pay attention to the customer’s emotions that lead to a certain experience, Jordy talked about some principles within customer focus last year. He did this based on the acronym OSCAR:

• Ownership
• Start to give
• Cross the line
• Always Yes
• Rituals

Many people found this inspiring, but thought this was more for the coolblues, bol.coms or the Eftelings of this world. Don’t you need a huge budget for this or an army of service specialists or expensive consultants?
Fortunately, the answer to these statements is no.

During his session, Jordy goes into more detail about how you can be just as customer-friendly as, for example, a Coolblue or an Efteling.
Or in a broader sense: how do you ensure that you sell a service or product in such a way that there is an extra chance that a customer will come back to you and tell his or her friends and family about the positive experience?

Being sustainable is not only about providing relevant services in the future, but also about guaranteeing service delivery today. The current customer expectation of service management is no longer just about assuring that what you agreed in the SLA is provided. How it is provided becomes equally important. That expectation is part of the XLA. However, working with XLA in a sustainable fashion, has consequences towards how you manage time.

We have learned to maximize available time by filling up time with work. My statement is that this is no longer effective if you want to genuinely connect with your customers and their experience journey. To achieve that ambition, you need to free up time! We are going to invest how frameworks like ITIL provide that shift from filling up time efficiently to freeing up time, allowing experience to be a sustainable part of your service provisioning today and in the future.

Break-out sessions

USM is a universal, standardised method to manage service delivery in all conceivable task areas. In this session, USM Professional and accredited USM trainer, Patrick Belmans, will take a closer look at how service organisations can gain (back) control over their services with just five processes and eight workflows, in order to start operating more efficiently and effectively.

In deze presentatie wordt besproken hoe de integratie van deze twee disciplines de beveiliging van een organisatie aanzienlijk kan verbeteren. Er wordt ingegaan op de uitdagingen en voordelen van het op één lijn brengen van kwetsbaarhedenbeheer met IT-assetmanagement, waarbij wordt geïllustreerd hoe deze synergie kan zorgen voor een uitgebreider beeld van beveiligingsrisico’s. Door de onderlinge samenhang van IT-middelen en kwetsbaarheden te begrijpen, kunnen organisaties effectievere strategieën ontwikkelen voor het beperken van bedreigingen.3 Take aways van de presentatieEen goed begrip van waarom IT-assetmanagement een beveiligingsdomein zou moeten zijn
Hoe IT-asset management zowel upstream als downstream kan helpen bij het beheer van kwetsbaarheden
Hoe IT-asset management helpt bij het effectief prioriteren van risico’s
Hoe Lansweeper belangrijke quick wins genereert in uw NIS2-compliance”.

In response to the growing complexity of modern IT ecosystems, Proximus is strategically expanding its service portfolio. By embracing Enterprise Service Management and Service Integration, we aim to offer efficient and accountable service ecosystem while maintaining high service quality. Join us on this transformative journey as we enhance our enterprise services to meet evolving business needs and customer satisfaction.

Join Scopism’s Claire Agutter and Stephanie Ward for a fast-paced, collaborative session where you and your peers will solve SIAM problems in just 35 minutes. Using the unconference format, we’ll work on the things that matter to you – the structure will be:

  • Decide on the topics – everyone can suggest the problems that matter most to them
  • Rate the topics – what’s the biggest priority?
  • Discuss! Learn from and share ideas with your peers
  • Quick summary and recap

Whether it’s contracts causing conundrums, tooling terrors or people problems, we’ll work together to help you take away actionable ideas. Want to suggest an idea in advance? Drop us a line at

Service Management should help you improve customer experience and move to a service-first and service-centric mode of operation. But how to achieve that when your service management platform is one big toolbox, with no guardrails?

Join us to discover how a Service-Centric platform facilitates continuous improvement effortlessly. Explore how an advanced platform fosters seamless collaboration across departments and external service providers. Finally, learn how a comprehensive and complete solution empowers you with AI-driven enhancements, integrations, and automation, making your service delivery more efficient, agile, and ultimately, more effective.

Niels van der Voort, IT Concern Architect bij zorgorganisatie Cordaan, betreedt tijdens Get2Grips samen met Sharon van Freshworks het podium om te praten over hun strategische overstap naar Freshservice ESM.
Niels en Sharon praten over de essentie van ESM en leggen uit hoe het een evolutie is van traditioneel IT Service Management. Daarnaast deelt Niels praktische inzichten voor de succesvolle implementatie van ESM, van projectaanpak tot het betrekken van alle stakeholders, het achterhalen van de behoeften van eindgebruikers en het integreren van het gekozen platform in jouw enterprise-architectuur.
Leer van Cordaan’s naadloze transitie naar Freshservice – zelfs als niet alle onderdelen binnen organisatie in hetzelfde stadium van de lifecycle zitten.
Ontdek de juiste strategieën voor het selecteren van het juiste platform voor jouw organisatie, zoals het definiëren van criteria en het evalueren van verschillende vendoren.

Meet Eddy Peters, President of the itSMF Belgium Chapter

This year, Eddy Peters, president of itSMF Belgium and passionate speaker, will be our guest at Get2Grips.

As a Service Management Expert with over 30 years experience in various IT positions, Eddy always aims at bridging the gap between business and IT, working out solutions which allow to take the next step. In today’s world, where Agile and other transformations are severely impacting the behaviour and way of working of many organizations, Eddy is continuously involved in ensuring that existing processes can meet new challenges, and that long-standing frameworks like ITIL can cope with these types of evolutions. Eddy is a certified ITIL expert and trainer, and a guest professor at EMS in Brussels.

Eddy Peters

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