Motivated and up-to-date trained staff are a crucial basis for meeting the challenges facing digital transformation. In a rapidly changing world, lifelong learning is an absolute necessity.

In addition, a more multidisciplinary approach of service management also requires a better understanding of each other’s “language”. That’s why 2Grips provides a wide range of courses to support both ITSM beginners and professionals at all levels of their career.

E-learning with 2Grips
“Knowledge is power, but only when shared.”
E-learning with 2Grips
  • No need to align your schedules to our training calendar. These e-learning course can be accessed anytime, anywhere
  • All of our courses are available whichever device you use (iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac,…)
  • Enjoy a very rich learning experience with the combination of multimedia and instructional design with tutor support 24×7 throughout every course
  • Get a free Virtual Mentor session with every individual course purchase to help you apply your new knowledge and fast-track results from your training
2Grips online courses for both individuals and organisations

All e-learning programs are open for individual users and organisations looking for multi-user trainings.
In the context of corporate education programs, the e-learning courses provide additional benefits such as:

  • Flexible startdates for all participants
  • No travel expenses
  • No “classroom training days” with staff missing

2Grips offers corporate discounts for organisations looking to purchase 3 or more courses for members of staff. To find out about our multi-user training and get your quote please contact us.

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2Grips offers a wide range of high-quality, accredited e-learning programs designed to help grow your skills and your career. All courses includes video tutorials, study guides and quizzes. Make your choice and expand your skills.

2Grips ITIL Certification Scheme

The ITIL certification scheme provides a modular approach comprising of a series of qualifications focused on different aspects of ITIL best practice to various degrees of depth and detail. 2Grips offers accredited e-learnings for all certification levels. Read More