What to expect from this online OBASHI® Foundation training?

This OBASHI® Foundation course comes with 12 easy to absorb lessons covering terminology, structure, concepts and value. It will introduce you in OBASHI, a revolutionary new methodology to allow you to really understand how your business works. OBASHI Foundation certificate holders can work as part of an OBASHI team, understand how OBASHI supports business strategy and explain the benefits of OBASHI.

There are no course prerequisites for anyone wishing to take this course. OBASHI is applicable to any organisation and at all levels.
This e-learning course includes video tutorials, study guides and quizzes and takes about 13,5 hours.

OBASHI Foundation Training
  • Fully accredited
  • Tutor email support available
  • 30 or 60 days online access

  • 12 easy to absorb ​​lessons

  • Study duration: 13,5 hour

Corporate multi-user Training
E-learning course content
  • Lesson 1: Introducing OBASHI
  • Lesson 2: OBASHI and business strategy, digital flow and digital dynamics
  • Lesson 3: Core principles
  • Lesson 4: Business and IT Diagrams and Dataflow Analysis View
  • Lesson 5: Elements and layers
  • Lesson 6: Relationship rules
  • Lesson 7: Relationship types part 1
  • Lesson 8: Relationship types part 2
  • Lesson 9: Techniques and standards
  • Lesson 10: Physical vs. Logical
  • Lesson 11: Modelling using OBASHI
  • Lesson 12: The OBASHI exam
OBASHI Foundation Exam

The OBASHI Foundation Exam can be taken online with a web proctor (with APMG). Candidates must have completed the OBASHI Foundation course before requesting their exam voucher. The examination consists of 50 multiple choice questions and has to be completed in 60 minutes with a 60% pass mark.

OBASHI Foundation

375ex. VAT
  • 30 days online access

OBASHI Foundation

422ex. VAT
  • 60 days online access

OBASHI Foundation Exam

234ex. VAT
  • Exam voucher

All prices are VAT exclusive. The OBASHI® courses on this page are offered by IT Training Zone Ltd. an ATO of The APM Group Ltd. OBASHI® is a registered trademark in the United Kingdom and other countries.

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