For decades, companies have been managing their services using performance indicators or SLAs. However, there is a growing awareness that these hard figures such as availability, response and resolution times, etc… don’t say anything about the perception and emotional experience of the end users.

This is how the idea of Experience Level Agreements originated. The number of articles with general thoughts and ideas about managing experiences is booming on the internet. Unfortunately, practical manuals and concrete step-by-step action plans are lacking. Moreover, XLA’s or ELA’s are just one part of Experience Management. To create a corporate culture with a focus on the end user, a combination of operational data and insight into the emotional experience of end users is needed. The aim is to continuously optimize the service and align it with the ever-changing needs and wishes of the user.

Getting to grips with Experience Level Agreements

The training course “Getting to grips with Experience Level Agreements” consists of 4 modules:

  • Building a client-focused culture
  • Creating XLA’s
  • Measuring XLA’s
  • Initiating improvement plans
Who should attend?

This training course is designed for professionals from various departments, such as IT, HR and Facilities, who are focused on managing their department or organization according to the experience of the end user.

Training objectives

During this course, you will start working on creating and measuring XLAs. Following a concrete step-by-step plan, you will gain insight into the necessary actions, pitfalls and opportunities. You will learn to monitor the experience of every human interaction in your organization and discover opportunities for improvement. After this training you will be familiar with the latest insights in the area of Experience Management and XLA’s and you will have plenty of material to actually start with XLA’s and to initiate improvement plans in order to close the loop. After all, the most successful companies succeed in responding proactively to the needs and wishes of end users.

Your instructor
Danny Van Vosselen

Danny Van Vosselen – Senior Service Management Consultant

Getting to grips with Experience Level Agreements

  • February 28, 2023 (9am-4.30pm)
  • Officenter Turnhout (BE)
  • Dutch

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  • Our trainers deal with Service Management in practice every day

  • 2Grips is a registered service provider via KMO-portefeuille

  • Maximum 12 students per session
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