Chatlayer is the leading AI bot platform that allows you to build, maintain and deliver chatbots and voicebots in over 100 languages. With Chatlayer, customer-facing businesses are able to have authentic, valuable conversations with their customers – enabled by the power of AI.

Chatlayer makes it easy for your customers to reach you through the platforms they use every day. From WhatsApp to Messenger, lets you place your bot anywhere. Chatlayer’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) is truly multilingual, with up to 125 languages out of the box, in a single bot.


Chatlayer uses its own, very powerful and reliable AI and NLP algorithms, written and continuously maintained by a dedicated team of researchers. The NLP engine of Chatlayer is therefore considered best-of-breed.

Setting up a chatbot with Chatlayer is very easy and requires no technical knowledge. You can instantly start using industry-specific templates, so your HR bot, Customer Service AI, eCommerce voice assistant or other bot solution can be up and running in no time. You’re free to build it yourself, with us, or let our experts do it for you – tailored to your field and with your tone of voice.

Chatlayer & 2Grips

Nowadays, an increasing number of companies have set up a self-service portal. A single central place where employees can get answers to their questions, report problems or perform routine tasks themselves without the intervention of a support employee. But imagine if they could get help from a smart, virtual assistant via the chat channels they already use in their free time.

Each of our service management tools offers the possibility of setting up such a self-service portal. Together with Chatlayer, we are expanding this with a smart, virtual assistant. Thanks to Chatlayer and with the power of A1, it is now possible to have authentic and valuable conversations with customers and/or employees. Via Chatlayer, they will be able to connect with you on the platforms they use every day. From WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and more.

Is the bot unable to help the customer?
Through a perfect integration with a service management tool, a support request is created and a human handover is enabled.

Chatlayer & 4me: for better service and customer experience

The 4me connector makes it possible for organization to integrate their 4me service management platform with Chatlayer to improve customer support and experience. The standard 4me Chatlayer connector enriches your 4me Self Service Portal with an AI-powered virtual assistant that doesn’t feel like a chatbot. The standard connector empowers your support organization to have 24/7 authentic conversations with your customers, across multiple channels simultaneously, and fully integrated with your 4me service management application.

Chatlayer 4me
How does this work?

First and foremost, the default connector will use 4me’s knowledge database. This enables the chatbot to answer questions from customers or to solve common problems directly. In this way, the customer is helped very quickly without anyone from the support organisation being needed.
If no knowledge article is available, the chatbot will ask several questions to collect as much information as possible about the customer’s needs. Depending on the answers and the request templates in 4me, the chatbot knows which questions to ask. In this way, relevant information is collected in the support request, so that it can be handled efficiently by someone from the support organisation.
Finally, a customer can ask about the status of an already registered support request via the chatbot without human interaction being required.

Extend the 4me Chatlayer Connector

The standard connector can be extended based on the specific needs of the support organization. In this case, we start with a workshop to determine the bot persona and to define the user requirements. In the happy flow, the different use cases are configured in sample dialogues and flow charts. These are extensively tested and adjusted where necessary before being put into production.
Finally, it is also possible to set up the chatbot on other platforms, from WhatsApp to Messenger.

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