SIAM (Service Integration And Management) isn’t a buzzword, it’s the new way of looking at outsourcing, a well-considered methodology to stimulate collaboration between multiple internal and external service providers.

SIAM history

Siam originated around the year 2000 in the UK, where the British government, just as they had previously launched ITIL, was one of the main driving forces in the development of SIAM. The first whitepapers with best practices were published in 2015. In 2016, the SIAM foundation architect group was founded to share experiences and to standardize terms as part of the development of SIAM. Following some of these initial participants like Clair Agutter, Michelle Major-Goldsmith and Steve Morgan might be a good idea to keep yourself informed about SIAM.
In 2017 the education and certification scheme was launched in partnership with Exin, to guarantee quality SIAM training around the globe.

To help you get started quickly with the basic principles of SIAM and to keep you up to date with this rapidly developing approach, we selected a number of interesting sources for you: whitepapers, webinars, blogs, conferences, people to follow, groups on Linkedin and free downloads.

SIAM Introduction
What is Service Integration and Management (SIAM)?
SIAM in 3 minutes

What is Service Integration And Management? A short and clear explanation about seamlessly integrating interdependent services (SIAM).

4me SIAM Solution

4me is the only Service Management solution that was built for SIAM. 4me focusses on making selective outsourcing easier and more successful.

SIAM Webinar

Interesting introduction webinar about how SIAM can benefit your organization with Simon Dorst, Claire Agutter and Michelle Major-Goldsmith.

The SIAM LinkedIn Group
SIAM LinkedIn Group

More than 2000 professionals sharing their experiences and thoughts about Service Integration And Management. Join this LinkedIn group.

Siam Body of Knowledge

You can download the Service Integration and Management Body of Knowledge Foundation and Professional for free on the Scopisme website.

SIAM Foundation course
Siam Foundation

This fully accredited SIAM Foundation course, covering terminology and concepts, will introduce you in service integration and management.

The SIAM Trilogy

A SIAM roadmap trilogy by Michelle Major-Goldsmith from embarking on service integration implementation to get going and maintain momentum.

SIAM blog
SIAM blog

In this blog, Steve Morgan looks at how to develop a SIAM process model, i.e. how best to work in a multi-vendor operating model.

SIAM Classroom Training
classroom training 2Grips

2Grips introduces classroom SIAM Foundation Training, both in-company and open training.