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4me Gartner peer insights customers choice

4me is recognized as Customers’ Choice 2021 – Gartner Peer Insights ‘Voice of the Customer’: IT Service Management Tools.

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Introducing 4me The Complete Service Management Platform: Fast, Simple and Ready-to-Use. This cloud-based tool is built to optimize service workflow automation for all departments – IT, HR, Purchasing, Facilities, Security and more – in one complete platform. Allowing staff to focus on their real jobs: creating value for their customers.

4me Service Management
4me offers:
  • High availability
  • Fast response times
  • User-friendly UI
  • Ready-to-use setup
  • Lots of effortless new releases

4me is a service management solution with strong and adaptive workflows that are used to support desktop populations, infrastructure and mobile users the world over. Along with the usual ITSM capabilities, 4me is also deployed to deliver an increasing array of non-IT services.


Most Service Management solutions come with an ‘out-of-the-box’ setup to jumpstart the implementation. 4me takes this to the next level and truly is Ready-to-use! No more need for reinventing your processes.

4me comes with a highly mature standard setup for standard processes like incident management and problem management that fits any organisation, while still offering full flexibility to setup your own workflows and forms. Simply gather relevant data like the service catalogue and the SLA’s and you can start using this ITSM application.

4me supports:
  • Incident Management
  • Request Fulfilment
  • Problem Management
  • Change Management
  • Release & Deployment Management
  • Service Asset & Configuration Management
  • Service Portfolio & Catalogue Management
  • Service Level Management
  • Project & Portfolio Management
  • CMDB
  • Self Service
  • Time Registration
  • Reporting
Why choose 4me Service Management?
Faster Than Ever2018-01-17T08:50:34+01:00

Today it’s normal to have instant access to information and applications. Information must be available quickly, at anytime and anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, this is not always the case with service management applications. However, immediate access to information is crucial for the success of a service management platform. That’s why there’s 4me. An ITSM tool with the fastest and easiest interface in the world, available always and everywhere. 4me is built for speed! This means that customers can be served significantly faster by your service desk and improve the performance of your entire service organisation.

New functionality on a weekly basis2018-01-17T08:49:34+01:00

Some service management solutions might offer you two new releases per year, which could even be costly and risky to implement. 4me deploys new functionality on a weekly basis! Without any cost and without any downtime. This allows your organisation to benefit from new functionality quickly and effortless.

User-friendly to the bone2018-01-17T08:49:11+01:00

4me is focussed on being user-friendly. All relevant information is presented to the user in one single window and everything irrelevant is simply hidden. Incidents and requests can be created in just a couple of clicks of a mouse. And 4me will proactively identify relevant information – like known errors, incident models or relevant configuration items – and present it to the user to help resolve tickets. With drag-and-drop capabilities, 4me is truly an easy to use application. Your agents are guaranteed to love it!

Minimum Implementation Cost, maximum customer value2018-01-17T08:50:13+01:00

As 4me is truly ‘ready-to-use’, it’s very easy and fast to implement. There is no more need to define your own service management processes or to think about the statuses you require for e.g. an Incident or a Problem record. 4me has done this for you, based upon decades worth of experience. The solution offers fully integrated modules to support the most important service management processes. So just setup the system with your data and setup your standard requests and you’re off! The time and money saved, can now be spent on training and coaching of your staff to truly capture the value of a service management platform.

SIAM 4me

4me was built from the ground up to support SIAM and the collaboration of an unlimited number of service providers. 4me Service Management helps you to manage your suppliers and contracts by providing easy reports and seamless integrations that come without any additional cost. Now you can truly collaborate with any other internal team or external provider on the planet, without the need for expensive and time-consuming integrations. With this Service Management tool, it’s just a matter of setting up a trust; it’s plug and perform.

SIAM in 2 minutes
Enterprise Service Management

4me Service Management supports all service organisations within your company, not just IT. You can set up complex workflows that run across multiple departments to cover Facilities, HR, Legal or IT. Truly collaborating with all disciplines to service the same customers, while offering one single entry point to the customer for reporting any issue or requesting any service.

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