Our people make us different. We’re passionate about service management which brings us together. Our people are the most valuable assets in our organization. They were picked out because of their skills, attitudes and knowledge, which they apply daily to help our customers to attain excellence within their client’s service departments. We care for our clients’ business as our business. So meet our 2Grips team…

Danny Van Vosselen
Danny Van VosselenCEO - Senior Service Management Consultant
Joost van Iersel
Joost van IerselCTO - Senior Service Management Consultant
Jordy Mertens
Jordy MertensCOO - Senior Service Management Consultant
Nancy De Cuyper
Nancy De CuyperCustomer Satisfaction & Training Manager
Dirk Kestemont
Dirk KestemontSenior Service Management Consultant
Géraldine Vereycken
Géraldine VereyckenManagement Assistent
Paul Donders
Paul DondersSenior Service Management Consultant
Benoit Nannetti
Benoit NannettiCISO - Senior Service Management Consultant
Lore Doms
Lore DomsService Management Consultant
Jarne Geysen
Jarne GeysenService Management Consultant
Gert Jacobs
Gert JacobsService Management Consultant
Alexander Been
Alexander BeenService Management Consultant
Marc Dartois
Marc Dartois Project Manager
Jelte Andries
Jelte Andries Senior Service Management Consultant
Alexandru Rusu
Alexandru RusuTrainer
Peter De Blouwe
Peter De BlouweSenior Service Management Consultant
Ronald Willems
Ronald WillemsSecurity Management Consultant
Christophe Rogiers
Christophe RogiersSCCM Consultant
Damian Szczepaniak
Damian SzczepaniakTrainer
Kristof Kelchtermans
Kristof KelchtermansService Management Tooling Engineer
Marco Salamanca
Marco SalamancaService Management Consultant
Vladislav Tjagunovits
Vladislav TjagunovitsService Desk Agent
Jan Houben
Jan HoubenService Management Consultant

“Great things in business

are never done by one person.

They’re done by a team of people”

Steve Jobs